Sunday, April 6, 2014

Salt Lake City, Utah

My old college roommate, Heather, lives out in Salt Lake City, and I came for a visit to check out her new house and of course, do some skiing.

Salt Lake City is a pretty sweet location.  Downtown is super clean and the mountains are right there!  No fighting I-70 traffic like in Colorado.  It is certainly a gem that often gets overlooked, but that's fine by me...more fresh tracks! 

So I got in late Sunday night and we were up at the slopes Monday morning.  We skied Alta the first day.  It was a bluebird powder day, the best kind!  It had actually snowed quite a bit overnight and we were making fresh tracks all day.  I just followed Heather...she knows where to go.  Plus, she's easy to spot in her bright outfit.

We stayed up on the mountain that night and 15 fresh inches of snow fell overnight.  Yes folks, you heard that right.  A freak end of season snow storm right as I'm visiting.  Can it get any better?!  We skied out the front door and into Snowbird resort, a steep mountain comparable to Squaw.  My legs were killing!  I thought we'd be skiing groomers, so I didn't really prepare physically for the trip.  It was AMAZING!  Face shots and fresh tracks ALL DAY!  It felt good to be in the mountain culture again.  And you know, the funny thing is that no matter where you go, it's the same ski culture.  West Virginia, Colorado, Utah, California, Washington...people just love the white stuff!

We also checked out the town during my stay.  SLC has a very funny safety measure at pedestrian crosswalks: they have an orange flag you carry with you to the other side to lessen your chances of getting hit by a car.  Thanks Salt Lake City!  The public library is also beautiful and the city streets are nice and wide.  A very nice town indeed.  Except when there is an inversion apparently, but I didn't witness that. 

Mormon History

Staying Safe!

The Public Library

Just shooting in the backyard

So it was a great trip with good skiing, a lot of catching up, bb gun shooting and eating ice cream.  Thanks Heather!

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