Monday, January 27, 2014

Snowshoe, West Virginia

I have not written in a long time; I'm not even sure if anyone follows this anymore!  But there have been some fun events going on.  I am deleting the post about my nephew being sick because that early admission to the hospital was so intense and sad, and this is a positive blog.  I will update his status to present date once I fill in the fun stuff that's been happening here in Kentucky (well, Cincinnati now, since I moved over to that side for a little while!)  Let's get back on track!

So I'm pretty far from extreme skiing, but there's a nice mountain about 7 hours away in Snowshoe, West Virginia.  My boyfriend, Tim, had some friends who were making a little ski trip, so heck yeah!  I broke out the Aura's that had been sleeping so long in their comfy ski bag.

It's a fun drive to West Virginia and the last part of the road is pretty windy.  Tim is from West Virginia so it's fun to hear about old stories and favorite foods (pizza rolls are the thing there folks).  There was a decent amount of snow and we were able to take a half day to get in at a decent time.  We all rented a nice little apartment and were able to walk to the hill. 

The weird thing about Snowshoe is that the village is at the top of the mountain instead of at the base.  This confused me!  But the skiing was good and there was still so much of the mountain I didn't get to see.  My toes were getting pretty cold at one point, as it was very frigid (we were so spoiled in California!), and I skied over to ski patrol to cut the huge lift line and get a ride up to a warm spot.  The lady ski patroller looked at my skis and then looked at me and said, "Yeah, come on up."  We swapped stories about ski resorts and she invited me into the ski patrol shack and offered me a job as a ski patroller.  I thought, lady, I know I can ski comparatively, but I teach children.  I would freak out if someone was hurt and I had to take care of it!  But it was fun to be back in the scene.  And Tim was doing a great job learning how to snowboard.  He'll be schralping the gnar in no time!

So the trip was filled with good food, good friends, good skiing and cards against humanity.  If you don't know what I'm talking about with that game, you have to look it up.  CRAZY!

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