Sunday, April 13, 2014

Red's Season!

So we have this wonderful baseball team here in Cincinnati and tickets are pretty cheap, like, 7 bucks for the nosebleeds.  I've been coming to Red's games since I was a little kid and I LOVE them, and lately, I've been lucky enough to see them id n style!

Tim's mom works for Xavier University and was able to get a suite to watch the game!  Tim and I were the first to show up and our jaws dropped a little.  There we had our own little room filled with food, treats and beer...all inclusive!  And we had our own little balcony to watch the game, and a TV inside.  It was the lap of luxury!  Others showed up and we socialized and got to know everyone.  There were a lot of kids and a lady came around to offer ice cream tickets for a free sundae upstairs.  I ran right up with them and offered to be the chaperone who would gladly take the kids for their ice cream, as long as I got a ticket too!

It was a lovely way to watch the game.  Tim and I were especially grateful as we passed by sunburnt fans who had forgotten to lotion up their legs and shoulders!

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