Saturday, October 10, 2015

Homecoming Tailgate, WV

Tim is turning 30 and we will be doing his most favorite thing EVER: tailgating for the West Virginia Mountaineers!  It's the homecoming game and we are meeting his family who will be traveling from all over to Morgantown.

We watched the homecoming parade, which included alum band members and all the talented local school bands.  The night consisted of trivia and kamikazes for wrong answers.  Meredith competed in the annual hot dog eating contest while drunk college kids passed by in confusion.

Saturday we all met in the famous blue parking lot to tailgate.  Tailgating is a fine art that requires planning, preparation, and getting up at 5:00am to secure the right spot (that's Tim's job!).  We are also celebrating Tim's 30th birthday.  I prepared 2 posters with awesome pictures of Tim throughout the years.  I taped them outside our tent for the whole lot to see, but modest Tim preferred them inside the tent.  We also completed a power hour before the game began at 7:00pm.  That's a long time to drink beer and kamikazes and stay awake for the game!

Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick.  Watch out!

We lost to Oklahoma State in overtime and Tim and I were the last ones standing at the game.  The next day we went to Cooper's rock to take in the beautiful views.  Then we headed home.  West Virginia is becoming dear to my heart as well!