Sunday, May 11, 2014


Meet this little angel!
My nephew, Michael, was diagnosed with Leukemia with an MLL genetic mutation at 3 months old; he is now almost 10 months old.  He and my sister have been living at the hospital non-stop trying to get into remission.  Michael has fought so hard and has been our Superman.  He has stepped up to the plate receiving chemo, experimental drugs and finally, a bone marrow transplant.  He is still recovering from the transplant, but it has been a long journey to get even there.  He is such a special little boy who is always happy, smiling and alert.  He loves to play and shake toys.  He is engaged with electronics and music.  He looks at you and laughs and it makes your heart skip a beat.  He even got to go outside a few times when he was feeling well, but we still have a long road ahead.  Right now, he is in a lot of pain from the transplant, but we know every day brings him closer to remission.  Please pray for Michael to be cancer free for the rest of his life.  He can certainly feel positive energy and it has been what's kept him going.  He knows he is well-loved and has so much to live for!  We can't wait until we get to take him to the zoo! 
Bath Time
Classic face, Michael.


Family visits from Indiana!

So stinkin' cute!
Tuckered Out!

Rolling Over! 

Michael's first time outside since October (it's April)

Our Family

Jammin' Out!

Easter Present from Grandma

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