Monday, May 24, 2010



It's been a whirlwind of adventure so far. I get around on the Metro and stay in my little room at Eileen's mom's place. I feel like I have a little home here in Santiago!

Romina's party was a blast welcoming me to Chile. There were so many instructors there who I haven't seen in years! And of course they are party animals and were handing me pisco sour after pisco sour.

Pichilemu was an awesome beach excursion with Eileen's family: we ate good seafood, slept in and enjoyed the sun. The four year olds helped me with my Spanish homework and entertained me when I had no clue what all the adults were talking about.

I am very slowly starting to break down my Spanish speaking hesitations as I find that you still have to live life daily. Nothing is as bad as it seems and you can always find a way to get the important information across, even if it's not everything you mean or want to say.

I'm not really in culture shock or feel that I won't be able to get through this experience. I am so excited to be in the classroom. This trip is certainly different in that my main goal is to be a positive influence in the classroom and not so much to travel and sight see, although that is always part of the package. I find myself taking less photos and writing less in my journal and I'm not sure why. Maybe because I feel more comfortable in traveling or that I've seen the differences between cultures before. Maybe it's because I've become more relaxed and comfortable in my life....who knows. After this trip though, I do feel a little more ready to stay in one spot (hear that Mom??!!) Life is just sorta funny how it is always coming together. You never fully get it, but you're always working towards all those little goals that lead somehow to the big picture.

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