Thursday, April 22, 2010

Goodbye Winter, Hello Winter!

Well, the end of another ski season is here, but not really because the sky keeps deciding to dump down snow. In fact, today was a lovely little powder day, and last night was an unexpected icy slushy ride back from a movie in Reno. Is it really Spring?

We had a great snow pack this year...storms came in pretty regular increments, which even brought some Colorado friends out to me: Stevo and Stacey. They had a pretty quick weekend visit, but it was wonderful to ski with them! Here's a photo of James and Marco trying to dig out one of our Magic Carpets! WOOHOO!

My mom and sis came for a visit over Christmas, which was awesome, but shortened due to some health complications with my Grandpa. We still enjoyed the time we had together.

I brought in a Happy New Year with 3 very good friends as we cross country skied near Donner Lake during the full moon. It was a very peaceful and tranquil way to bring in the new year, but it has not manifested into a year full of more exercise...yet!

And of course the season was filled with karaoke and retro parties!

Now I'm getting ready to embark upon a new adventure: Patagonia Chile. Happy Spring to all of you!!! And for me, another Winter in the Southern Hemisphere =)

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