Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Snow Snow Snow!

Here is a photo of the world famous lift, KT-22 (in the background). The lift accesses nothing but black diamond terrain and Squaw actually has to post security at line control to prevent those eager skiers from knocking each other over to win first chair and therefore first lines in the snow.

The month of January has produced record breaking snowfalls and we are all loving it at Squaw Valley! The skiing has been amazing on storm days; snow keeps filling in everyone's tracks so every run is like the first one of the day. On those cloudy days it feels like you've been shaken up in a snow globe: it's impossible to see past the gray clouds to the outside world and everything is simply covered and keeps on coming! It's so quiet and serene in the snow; skiing in the trees feels like you're on another planet, population: you.

Work still keeps me busy, but it's slow right now, which means less issues with crying kids, overbearing parents and Peter Pans (aka Code Yellow if you get my drift). Above I'm climbing through the snow tunnel to exit the underground parking garage =0)

And don't worry, I've been having my share of fun too (as if you were really worried about that). I organized an 80s karaoke party at the local pub and it was definitely a hit! The South Americans were pretty big on the dressing up bit, and we all sang our favorite 80s songs! I contributed with "Come on Eileen," "Funkytown," and a little bit of White Snake's "Here I Go Again." It was a great turnout and I was able to wear my pink sunglasses that I've actually saved from my childhood. The guys in the photo are employees of Squaw Kids...it's difficult to keep the responsible supervisor appearance when it comes to theme parties!!! And I'm still with Kyle and we're still just taking it easy and having fun in the standard Tahoe way.

The winter seems to be moving at a rapid pace and Spring will soon be here. Every season brings with it a bit of change in activities, attitudes and adventure. Tahoe brings out the best in people because you work hard for your play time, and your play includes a challenging mountain you have open access to and an endless blue lake that helps you appreciate every precious moment you have to be alive and enjoy what this world has to offer. So cheers, and enjoy!!

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