Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spring = Unemployed: lets get crazy!

Spring is upon us and Squaw Kids is no more! The snow is melting and it's time to bring out the mountain bike, golf clubs and frisbee. The season wrapped up very well having broken our record highs over President's Week. Of course, we had to say goodbye to many employees and friends, including KT the Bear (left), but some folks are sticking around to experience the amazing summers in Tahoe. I'm definitely coming back to Squaw for another season...just can't get enough of those kids (oh yeah, and the beautiful mountain and free pass)! I'll also be working at the golf course again this summer with a whole crew of friends, including Matt, Clay and Eric from my old Kentucky home. But in the meantime, I'm totally enjoying my 3 weeks of unemployment, aka FREEDOM!!!

With the melting of the snow, random little ponds appear that you never knew existed until a huge crowd gathers around one to watch skiers speed down a hill in ridiculous outfits to try and glide across one. This is what we fondly call the Cushing Crossing. Our 2 friends decided a 3-legged ski might win the prize, and it did! They created a slalom ski between them and a normal one on each side and sure enough, they made it down the slope and across the pond: impressive.

And what would Spring be without the Squaw Valley Prom??!! Yes, you're never too old for dressing up and drinking down some good old-fashioned fun. And the best part: it was 80's themed!!!!! Don't be jealous of the dress; you can find one too at your local thrift shop for $12.99. Can you spot 2 of my bosses? Probably not because in Tahoe it doesn't matter your age or position, as long as you're having fun!!

I'm hoping to go on a few road trips before the golf job begins. I'll keep you updated, but until then, enjoy the warming weather, thunder storms and blooming green!

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