Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Life in Tahoe: Winter Holidays

Well hello folks. I haven't updated this thing in forever because there haven't been any new trips due to a very heavy work schedule, but that doesn't mean life isn't happening! Here's a description of my life and work here in winter Tahoe:

Squaw Kids! Love it, but does it take the energy out of me! I get up at 6:15 and sometimes have to put the chains on my tires due to all the snow. We're supposed to get 6-10 feet this weekend in possible "life threatening" snow driving conditions according to the government weather site. Don't worry, I trust my chains.

Last year I was instructing at Squaw Kids, but this year I'm supervising and I love being helpful and organizing, but I also have to put up with the unhappy parents; I keep telling myself I'm learning valuable life skills lessons. I put all the beginner 4-6 year olds into classes and the hardest part is telling instructors they have the lowest age and skill level classes. I can see the fear in their eyes when I approach them with a class list, but I just smile and say, "Hey, at least you're outside in the mountains!"

Christmas was a lotta fun when I finally got to where I was going. A delayed early flight from Reno to Denver and then driving to Crested Butte in snowy conditions was a bit stressful, but then I was with the whole family! My mom, sis, dad, step-mom and half sisters were all together with Stu and his family from Australia. It was a nice little break, plus my mom brought out our famous Cincinnati Graeter's ice cream via dry ice and a lotta love. It felt like home.

New Year's Eve began with low expectations to prevent an epic build-up/let down, and so ended up being very entertaining. We had a bunch of people at our place and then continued on to Sol y Lago, the closest place Tahoe has to a club. We danced our little hearts away, toasted 2008 with champagne and then tried to endure the next day at Squaw Kids. Standard.

So life is being extremely good to me and I'm very thankful to be where I am physically, mentally and emotionally. My door is always open for those who want to visit beautiful and entertaining Tahoe!!! Love and Peace-Kim

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