Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Michael Turns ONE!

My nephew, Michael, who was diagnosed with a rare leukemia at 3 months, just beat all the odds and celebrated his first birthday with a giant smile and chocolate cupcake! 

He is such a happy little boy; you've never met a happier little boy!  He's so entertaining, curious and absorbent.  He tries to do the itsy bitsy spider with his fingers when he hears the song and claps afterward.  He's so stinkin' lovable and adorable!  And he is very very loved.

He is home from the hospital now after a 9 month stint and my sister gives him his maintenance meds and is his number one nurse.  There is no detectable cancer in his cells now and we pray for it to stay that way!  He is an amazing little fighter and present opener =)

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