Monday, July 28, 2014

Maryland: Tim's Family Reunion

I feel very comfortable around Timothy's family; they are a ton of fun and love to relax and be around each other.  That is exactly what we did at Tim's uncle's lake house in Maryland.  We had some beers, made an everlasting campfire, cruised on the pontoon and played on the speedboat with a raft called "hydroballs."  Perhaps best of all, we sang karaoke to our heart's content.  Yep, we all got along great, even when Meredith and I had to edit some of our poorly selected songs to accommodate the elderly crowd...oops! 


We took one last pontoon cruise the morning of our departure.  Uncle Joe made a concoction with the leftover liquor and wine and this girl was feeling it pretty quickly! 
 To say the least, it was a blast!  Tim's family is very kind, fun, and laid-back!!!

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