Friday, April 5, 2013

Revisiting Tahoe

Well, I went for a visit to Tahoe and it honestly felt like I had never left. 

It's sorta nice to go back to a place that you know so well.  You know how to work the system, where to get a cheap beer and all the secret stashes that never change.  I was lucky to have decent weather and visit during a time of year where you can ski and hike in the same day!  And I of course feel so blessed to still have so many wonderful close friends out there who will always be like family to me because of all the experiences we've shared together!  Squaw Kids is my extended family!  So revisit with me through some photos...

Michael Jackson crashes the party at the Dubliner.

Eagle Rock is just as beautiful as it's always been.

Same old office party with Robyn, Will and Jill!
 Awesome instructors always having a beer =)
A nice little soft snow day solo...felt like I had been there all season.
The traditional Rock Star Karaoke in Reno...good thing we got a room!
Shirley Canyon falls are going off!  PS- this pose is totally not serious, but it is.
James got a motorcycle...West shore ride!
Still kickin' it with the locals...we've had many adventures together Jonny!
Spring skiing with the ladies!  Amazing amigas.
The classic Skylandia dock view.  It never ever ever gets old.
A little bbq by the lake.
Just doing what we've always done at Guth's house: sit by the fire and watch tv.
Just playing bingo back in Reno...15 cards is way too intense!
Always my best friends no matter where we live!
Tahoe felt like home when I visited, and it always will feel that way.  All the wonderful friends I was able to see again make that place my home.  I feel attached to so many places around the world.  It's the place, but mostly the people who make the experiences what they are .  No matter where we are in life, I will be blessed with these friendships and we'll keep on having fun.  For now, I finally truly feel happy here in Cincinnati, and it's because I've built up relationships just as I did in these other places that makes me feel fulfilled.  Cheers to you amigos!

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