Monday, June 21, 2010

My First Field Trip

Now I believe I am in Patagonia! The past two weeks have been rainy and cloudy and so I have been unable to see the volcanoes that stand nearby. I kept telling everyone that I didn't think they really existed, but now I'm a believer.

The school had an optional field trip this past Saturday and so I went with my host teacher, the students and a few other teachers. We took a bus tour to an incredible Parque National and I felt like I was right back in New Zealand. The river was running glacier blue, it was lush and green and waterfalls were pouring out from everywhere. I was a very happy girl.

After, we took a boat cruise to Puella around a big beautiful lake and I could finally see (partial) views of the big Volcan Oserno. There are some beautiful views of mountains and lakes in this area. I am very excited to be here and finally see some of the sights of Patagonia!

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