Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Feeling Masterful

I graduated with my Masters from Georgetown College this past weekend! 
 I was going to skip the ceremony, but Tim encouraged me to go and I'm glad I did.  It helped make the degree more real, since all of my classes were online.  I told Tim that getting my Masters was something I had to do for my job; it was expected and necessary to climb the pay-scale.  All teachers get their Masters, so this is not a great big deal.  He was bothered that I thought about the degree that way.  He mentioned that many people do not do what they are supposed to or expected to do and that he watched me work hard on papers and give a lot of thought to class discussion and readings.  He's the best partner to have by my side; he supports me in everything and helps me realize my accomplishments.  And of course my mom, sister, and Michael were right there to cheer me on!  Michael cheered a little too much at the ceremony repeating my name "Nim" and wondering why I couldn't go sit with them!  It was a wonderful ceremony and I am proud of my MA in Leadership with an Endorsement in English as a Second Language!



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