Monday, November 7, 2016

Tim Gets A Taste of Colorado

Tim has never been to Colorado.  Thanks to a long weekend and Frontier airfares, we were able to make a trip that way.  We got in around 7:00pm and stopped by my dad's place to say hi.  My little sister, Kelly, had just gotten out of jaw surgery, so it was nice to visit with her to cheer her up.  Then we headed to Boulder.

In the morning we went to my favorite breakfast place: Turley's Kitchen.  They have amazing juices and I talked Tim into taking a shot of wheat grass.  He asked me what it might taste like, and I said, "Grass."  He said it tasted earthy, but it's healthy...welcome to Boulder!

Then we rented bikes so I could show Tim my alma mater: The University of Colorado at Boulder!  They have a new Buff swimming pool at the Rec Center (awesome! but also why I don't give money to CU).  And Boulder is growing with lots of new off-campus housing and shopping areas. 
Tim of course loved seeing Folsom Field!  Run Ralphie Run!!!

We then heading up Boulder Canyon to walk by Boulder Creek for a little while.  Beautiful!

We stopped by the Rio Grande because they have the strongest margaritas in town! (Two is the limit!) Then we returned our bikes and stopped by Chautauqua Park to see the Flat Irons.  
After freshening up at the hotel, we headed to the Walnut Brewery where we could sample awesome beers and watch the Mountaineers win against Kansas.  (Let's GO!)  Before we called it a night, we discovered an amazing ice cream place on 11th and Walnut that was packed with students (so we knew it must be good).  We got cookies sandwiches and turned in!

On Sunday, we headed to Buena Vista, Colorado via I-70 (through the mountains).  It was a beautiful drive and I was pumped to show Tim the BIG mountains.  We stopped at Idaho Springs and saw an old mine (there are many along the way).  Then we stopped at Silverthorne and I got a new pair of pink ski pants (those are hard to find in the 'nati!)  I suggested Tim get some long socks since he didn't bring pants and had yet to discover just how cold it can get in the mountains.
We stopped in Leadville and randomly ate Chinese for lunch. 
Then we finally ended up in Buena Vista where we were staying for the nights.  We headed up over Cottonwood Pass to find some hikes.  At the top, it was windy and cold!!!  I haven't been up over that pass in a long time, and Tim was very impressed at seeing the Continental Divide and some seriously tall mountains.

We headed down and did a hike up Denny's Creek toward Mt. Yale.  It was a bit steep and we were running out of time (end of daylight savings...whah!)  But we really wanted to get to the lake!  Maybe just ahead...maybe just ahead...2 hours later...maybe just ahead.  Nope.  We didn't make it, but we're pretty sure it was another mile and it was getting dark.  For Tim's first time in the mountains, 6 miles is a pretty great hike!!!  Yeah Tim!

So we rewarded ourselves with a nice long soak at Cottonwood Hot Springs.  The stars were out in all their glory and the tubs were hot.  It was the most peaceful relaxing spot and we soaked it up.  (But there was a girl who was completely wasted and her boyfriend was looking for her.  Somehow she ended up behind a fence and no one could find her.  Drama.)
Since Tim and I could not seem to get off East Coast time, we were awake the next day at 5:30am.  We decided to watch the sunrise over the Collegiate Peaks.  What a beautiful sight!  Strangely, we saw a hunter who picked a scenic viewing area as a choice spot to shoot some game.  Not safe!

Then we got coffee and walked along the Arkansas River on a perfectly blue Colorado day.  I love Buena Vista!

So we headed back to Boulder via Golden.  We decided to eat at a Mexican restaurant in Golden and we both ordered a margarita.  The waitress came back with 4; apparently it was 2 for 1 happy hour!  That got us warmed up to stopping off in El Dorado Canyon with a beer in hand.  Then we decided to pretend we were back in college in Boulder and hit up my favorite bars: LIT at Half Fast Subs, beer at the Boulder Pub, checking out the new Arcade Bar (pumpkin white Russian...brilliant!), and finishing off at Conner O'Neil's!  And thank you to the new bike share made life much easier!


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