Monday, May 25, 2015

Katie K. Comes To Visit

My good friend Katie, who was a fellow ski instructor out in Tahoe, came to visit my old Kentucky home.  We crammed in a TON of activities in the wilderness and city and had a blast doing it!

Katie got to see the famous Red River Gorge in Kentucky.  We found a great camp site and toured around the area; we did a hike to Gray's Arch where we saw people repelling from the top.  Katie asked one of the young guys why he chose to repel facing the ground.  His quick and ready reply: "I like to face my fears."  We walked away and chuckled a little about his youthful confident response.  I think we're getting older. 




At the campsite we cooked dinner, played some games, and waited forever for the chicken to cook in the foil pouches.  It was awesome having my amazing outdoor adventure amiga with me here at home!!!

Back in Cincinnati, we went to the Butterfly Show at Khron's Conservatory, toured Mt. Adams, ate delicious ice cream, and met up with some Kentucky/Tahoe friends at Taste of Cincinnati.  It was like a little Tahoe reunion.  We checked out a local rooftop bar and got great seats, then our friend Simon told us about this old bluegrass guy playing up the road.  He played with the Grateful Dead; we decided to go too.  We were by far the youngest group there, but it was fun to see a legend.  Katie also got a taste of homemade moonshine there!  We got back downtown, ate a funnel cake, and rode our bikes back home.  I LOVE this way of life: simple, fun, great people, exciting adventures.  It's not where you are but who you're with that matters most.  I've held on to that line for a while now.  In my 20s, it was more about where I was- in the mountains or a different country.  The people I was with were important too, but the place seemed equally important.  As I grow older, more and more it is about the people.  I still miss the grandness of the west, but I have an equally good time here because of the people I am with.  I think the shift will continue in that way as the years go by.


So anyway, it was a great visit.  THANK YOU Katie for driving from PA to make it here!!!! 

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