Sunday, October 5, 2014

Little Miami Sprint Triathlon

I hate running.  You have to be in shape to enjoy running, and I rarely am in that good of shape.  But when a friend extended the invite to run the Little Miami Triathlon, I had to consider giving it a go. 

The Little Miami Triathlon includes a 6 mile kayak/canoe, 5.5 mile run, and 18 mile bike ride, in that order.  It is located on the beautiful Little Miami river in Ohio where there are miles of bike trails and beautiful scenery!

I trained for 2 months.  After 1 month, I finally enjoyed running because it was becoming easier!  And today was the big day!  My friend, Karen, and I carpooled, and Tim came to show his support and take lots of great pictures.  It was a beautiful day to be on the river and to run and bike by corn fields and farms.  I actually ran the whole way and found myself pushing for a good time and feeling confident that I would make it.  This triathlon is a perfect set-up and distance to feel challenged, but successful.  I made it in 3 hours and 25 minutes!  I was 7 out of 44 in my division and in the 54th percentile for the whole race!


  I thought this race would be one and done, but I might try again next year and shoot for a higher place!

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