Monday, June 30, 2014

Lake Cumberland

I used to go to Lake Cumberland in southern Kentucky a ton when I was a kid, and I haven't been back since high school, but Tim's older brother, Greg, was turning 30, so we made a birthday trip!

We rented a house near the lake and settled in with beer and games.  Tim's sister, Meredith, made T-shirts for us (professionally, not with puffy paint), and created a long list of challenges that if completed, points were awarded.  We tallied up the score at the end of the trip.  We were doing everything from cartwheels to beer was a crazy good time.

Saturday we rented a pontoon boat, which we thought was going to sink when a huge wake flowed over the whole front of the boat.  Thankfully, it's nearly impossible to sink a pontoon!  We cliff jumped, swam, and discovered a beautiful and cold waterfall, which we climbed up to.

Lake Cumberland was created by daming the Cumberland River, and it flooded towns in the process.  Meredith was pretty nervous that the city never relocated the graves in the cemetery, but we're pretty sure they did.  No hauntings on the lake. 

So it was a great weekend filled with Michael Jackson dance offs and general good times =)

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