Saturday, November 7, 2009

Summer of 2009

Not a whole lot of new occurrences this summer...the same old biking, hiking, golfing, swimming, sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking and softball leaguing. Our softball team once again has come into last place. We invested in a new bat, which actually did make our hits go further, but it unfortunately had no effect on our fielding talents (or lack thereof). But of course, it's always about the fun and the free drink ticket for the local bar afterward.

The golf course was an adventure of course. Another crash this summer in one of our brand new electric carts. The parents thought it would be a great idea to let their 8 year old kid drive the cart down a hill to his mom's golf ball. Well of course he got scared and lost control and didn't know how to react because he doesn't know how to DRIVE!! People don't understand that carts are mini cars. I actually almost got run over by one this summer when a guy was loading a cart up with boxes of wine. One box fell on the gas pedal and the cart shot forward as I dodged out of the way. Anyway, in both cases no one was injured.

I did have the opportunity to drive the Beverage Cart for one day when all the regular girls were sick. I have to say I really enjoyed driving that little cart full of free food for the driver. I got it stuck in a ditch once, but other than that all went smoothly. I had never made a Bloody Mary before and of course that's exactly what the first group of golfers wanted, so I just made them strong and no one complained. Good times.

I've also moved away from the lake to Truckee, about 15 miles north of it. I'm pretty excited for the change and I think it'll motivate me to try something new for next summer...we'll see what happens. For now I'm scrounging the thrift stores for unique home items.

And of course lots of hiking this summer, including Mt. Tallac, the quintessential peak of Tahoe. It was a steep climb, but I kept thinking, "Nepal, Nepal, Nepal" to stay focused. The views from above are the best I've seen of the lake so far.
Have a wonderful fall and do a snow dance for all the people who are all ready for the ski season to begin!

I leave you with this wonderful 80s photo of a fun crew before leaving to see Tainted Love, a talented 80s cover band that makes yours truly the happiest girl on the planet =)

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