Monday, August 10, 2009

A Wedding in Chicago


Chicago is one of the coolest cities in this world, and we had the opportunity to check it out with a wedding perspective. My mom's best friend, Gail King, has a beautiful daughter who met a wonderful man and they tied the knot in complete style and class.

Sarah, the bride, and I used to set up lemonade stands at the top of Surfside Dr. in Kentucky and we would sell cookies and snacks too. I remember one guy emptied out his coin tray into our tip cup and we thought we were rich. But now she's all grown up and our family was able to participate in the big day, with Michael Fay, an old neighbor who now lives in Chicago, as a date for 3 lovely ladies.

Michael works at the Hyatt and hooked it up with a very nice room with a stunning view of downtown and the Chicago River. We heard a knock at the door and in comes room service with chocolate strawberries, local beer, cheese and wine and a nice note. Michael was raised well!!

We then headed to a little Polish place to celebrate a birthday for Greg, Gail's boyfriend. We enjoyed Polish beer and tons of meat, fried and delicious! And mom took home the bottle of port she's holding in her hand with her new Polish pal, the owner. =)

The next day included shopping on Michigan Avenue and meeting up with an old high school friend, Denise. We used to be lab partners freshman year in Physics and we haven't lost our sense of humor! Shelley's pants ripped getting into the cab, which was a hilarious episode, but luckily she had a nice shawl to tie around her waist to hide the rip. The sushi was great and it was so fun to catch up with old friends and enjoy some stylish nightlife! A little different from what we've got in Tahoe. And we're pretty sure our waiter was jacked up on steroids and Red Bull, which made the evening even more humorous.

The next day was rainy and gloomy so we enjoyed the Field Museum and walked passed Lalapalooza that was happening in Grant Park. It was entertaining to watch kids scout out the concert, jump the fence and run like hell and then watch a security officer take off after them.

That night Sarah and Adam arranged for a cocktail hour at the Drake Hotel, a classic of Chicago. My grandparents on my dad's side used to dine there occasionally and it was like walking back in time going through the Hotel. Shelley and I even slipped into the closed Cod room where a bartender was cleaning up. He ended up telling us old stories about the place as he showed us where Marilyn Monroe and the like had carved their initials into the bar top. It was a very tasteful evening.

And now, the wedding day. Sarah got married in a Cathedral right on Michigan Ave. The ceremony was short and sweet (so it was not a Catholic wedding) and then we all headed to the Alder Planetarium for the reception. Michael was a good date and hailed the cab for us while the wedding party took a cute little trolley.

The planetarium was an amazing place to have a reception. It is located at the end of a point that juts out into Lake Michigan. The result: an incredible view of the city. We were able to enjoy the setting sun with a cosmo in hand (and a beer for Michael) and a delicious meal. There are also fireworks that are set off from Navy Pier every Saturday night in the summer. And of course, the wedding was on a Saturday and we all were able to enjoy an uninterrupted view of the bright show. The band was a lot of fun and Sarah's friends are even more fun. The dance floor was pumping and even a Sarah's half brother, who is 4, couldn't stop break dancing! Sarah even had a photo booth set up to take group pictures like you would with all your friends at the movies in middle school.

(In the photo: Shelley, Sarah, Gail, Kathy, Kim)

When the party was over 2 city buses pulled up to the planetarium and we all loaded on. Some of Sarah's friends grabbed some bottles of Kaluha and downed shots like champs! It was very entertaining to hear all the sorority songs being sung by all the Tri Deltas on the bus!

We were drpped off at the Hyatt and Michael and I went out to the bars. City life is so diverse and entertaining with every type of person and bar imaginable around. Don't get me wrong, I love my mountains and being able to see the stars in the night sky, but if I could live in a city, it would be CHICAGO!!!

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