Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oops I Did It Again

So I have a new scar from another mountain biking mishap, but this time it's on my knee and not my head, which is a slight improvement in location. I was just wandering around Page Meadows to check out the blooming wild flowers and was then going to commute to Squaw to play some golf, and halfway though the plans I had to make a detour to the hospital after an "opps, I went over the handlebars and fell on a rock" moment. It's all good though; I carry a first aid kit and cleaned the gash right away...the doctor even said I did a good job. I was going to bypass stitches altogether, but it kinda kept bleeding, so I thought I better get a few. Luckily, my friend Katie P. was working at the hospital that day, so she kept me company and snagged a few photos. I have to admit I am a weirdo and don't mind messing a few things on my body up as long as it's fixable. I feel alive and almost brave when I do these things, and it's nothing that doctors and Dairy Queen can't fix. Enjoy!

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Steve Zander said...

Thank goodness you were wearing your helmet! (Wink Wink)