Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So if you've been in the loop at all with the Weather Channel, you know we've been getting lots and lots of snow and I've been enjoying every minute of it! My roommate, Casey, coaxed me into getting up early on my day off to stand in line at the Funitel (our gondola) to get fresh tracks at the top of the mountain, which hadn't opened yet due to avalanche bombing. I rolled out of bed, got a Chai after getting my car checked out due to the snow tearing off the mud guard under the engine, and then headed up to Squaw. Here is a photo guide to our adventures on the POW day and a nice BLUEBIRD day from January.
(Congratulations....you've now learned some mountain lingo. If you feel confident, you can use the phrase: "We were shralping the gnar gnar on a bluebird corduroy day.")

Ok, so I have to explain this face shot story. I was going off a little jump off a groomer and didn't realize it was all powder below me. My skis stuck straight into the power while the rest of my body continued to propel forward. I double ejected and my head and face landed straight into the pow. When I pulled my head up I was laughing so loud as Casey stood over me laughing herself stupid too. I LOVE POW!

And then the groomer day. I'm holding the Notre Damian, my high school alumni newsletter. Lots of alum take photos of themselves all over the world and then send them into Notre Dame to show how much they've utilized their education. Well, this is what I've done with mine....

...and I couldn't be happier!!!!!!!!

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