Monday, October 1, 2007

Buffett in L.A. and Halloween

We left a beautiful spot in Yosemite on Friday only to return to another one: Lake Tahoe. I can't get enough of beautiful places! But Saturday morning I did a 180 and left on a flight for LA after experiencing the 1st snowfall of the year in Tahoe and reacquainting myself with icy roads. My mom's best friend, Gail King, lives in LA and had extra Jimmy Buffett tickets and invited me about a week before my Yosemite trip. I thought, when is this opportunity going to arise again? So I found some cheap airfare and got on the plane and have absolutely no regrets. I had so much fun partying with 50 year olds. They get to the tailgates early and come fully prepared! And they have connections to manage spectacular seats (no lawn section for the seasoned Buffett vets!) Gail treated me like royalty and despite the 5 lane highways and smoggy skies, she made me feel at home in LA. The concert was so much fun and I even scored a cheeseburger hat someone left behind. I think I'll recycle it into a Halloween costume...

...and I did; I went as a "Cheeseburger in Paradise." Most of the people got it, although some thought I was just a hamburger face. Who cares, I still had fun on the best holiday of the year with my rockin' roommate Alex who went as a glow stick girl =0)
Happy Trick-or-Treating!!!

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